106 Reviews

Alain Badiou, Manifesto for Philosophy
Stewart Martin

Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer, A Natural History of Rape
Lynne Segal

Diana Coole, Negativity and Politics: Dionysus and Dialectics from Kant to Poststructuralism
Jonathan Joseph

Paul Patton, Deleuze and the Political
Nathan Widder

Ian Buchanan, Michel de Certeau: Cultural Theorist
Ben Highmore

Joseph McCarney, Hegel on History
Jane Chamberlain

Samuel C. Wheeler III, Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy
Iain MacKenzie

Tim Dean, Beyond Sexuality
James Penney

Chris Philo and Chris Wilbert, eds, Animal Spaces, Beastly Places: New Geographies of Human–Animal Relations
Erica Fudge

Andrea Rehberg and Rachel Jones, eds, The Matter of Critique: Readings in Kantʼs Philosophy
Andrew Fisher

David Macey, The Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory
Ben Watson


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