28 Reviews

Renford Bambrough, Moral Scepticism and Moral Knowledge
Richard Norman

K.S. Schrader-Frechette, Nuclear Power and Public Policy
John Krige

C. Mouffe, ed., Gramsci and Marxist Theory
Bill Schwarz

B. Henderson, A Critique of Film Theory
J. Petley, Capital and Culture: German Cinema
M. Chanan, The Dream that Kicks: The Prehistory and Early Years of Cinema in Britain
Kevin Robins

E. Nagel, The Structure of Science, Problems in the Logic of Scientific Explanation
Mike Shortland

B. Edelman, The Ownership of the Image
Peter Goodrich

C. Sumner, Reading Ideologies
Martin Barker

Don Locke, The Fantasy of Reason: The Life and Thought of William Godwin
Gregory Claeys

K. Harris, Education and Knowledge
John Krige

Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations
John Harris, Violence and Responsibility
Gregory Claeys

M. Marković and G. Petrović, eds., Praxis – Yugoslav Essays in the Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences
Chris Arthur

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