42 Reviews

Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason, ed., The Complete Letters of Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess, 1887-1904
Jeffrey Moussaleff Mason, The Assault on Truth: Freud’s suppression of the seduction theory
Stephen Marcus, Freud and the Culture of Psychoanalysis
David Archard

Noel W. Thompson, The People’s Science: the popular political economy of exploitation and crisis, 1816-34
Mike Shortland

R. C. Lewontin, S. Rose and L. Kamin, Not in our Genes: biology, ideology and human nature
Denise Russell

Sydney Shoemaker and Richard Swinburne, Personal Identity
D. M. Armstrong and Norman Malcolm, Consciousness and Causality
Sebastian Gardner

Frederic Jameson, ed., Sartre after Sartre
Sebastian Gardner

Jon Elster, Making Sense of Marx
Gregor McLennan

Tom Bottomore, ed., A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
I. Frolov, ed., Dictionary of Philosophy
Peter Osborne

Robert Bernasconi, The Question of Language in Heidegger’s History of Being
Keith Ansell-Pearson

Martin Jay, Adorno
Peter Osborne

Z. A. Pelczynski, ed., The State and Civil Society: Studies in Hegel’s political philosophy
David Lamb

Jürgen Habermas, The Theory of Communicative Action: Vol. 1, reason and the rationalisation of society
Ralph Bannell

J. Hoffman, The Gramscian Challenge: Coercion and consent in Marxist political theory
Paul Bagguley

Christopher Hookway, Peirce
Cynthia Hay

William Connolly, ed., Legitimacy and the State
John R. Gibbins

Arthur Brittan and Mary Maynard, Sexism, Racism and Oppression
Richard Edwards

David Michael Lewin, The Body’s Recollection of Being: phenomenologlcal psychology and the deconstruction of nihilism
Keith Ansell-Pearson

Scott Melkle, Essentialism In the Thought of Karl Marx
C. J. Arthur

Paul Ricoeur, Time and Narrative, Volume I
Jonathan Rée

David S. Landes, Revolution in Time: clocks and the making of the modern world
Jan Golinski

George MacDonald Ross, Leibniz
John Fauvel

G. W. F. Hegel, Hegel’s IntroductIon to the Lectures on the History of Philosophy
C. J. Arthur

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