66 Reviews

Didier Eribon, Michel Foucault
David Macey, The Lives of Michel Foucault
James Miller, The Passion of Michel Foucault
Kate Soper

John Rawls, Political Liberalism
David Archard

Jacques Derrida, Acts of Literature
Jacques Derrida, Cinders
Jacques Derrida, The Other Heading
Willy Maley

Gianni Vattimo, The Transparent Society
Jügen Habermas, Postmetaphysical Thinking
Anthony Elliott

David Watson, Hannah Arendt
Jeffrey Isaac, Arendt, Camus and Modern Rebellion
Marcus Roberts

Margaret Canovan, Hannah Arendt
John Hartley, The Politics of Pictures
Nick Stevenson

George J. Stack, Nietzsche and Emerson
Francesca Cauchi

Ulrich Beck, Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity
Caroline New

Elizabeth Wolgast, Ethics of an Artificial Person: Lost Responsibility in Professions and Organizations
Catherine Wilson

Michael Lesnoff, Social Contract Theory
Scott Davidson

Willie Thompson, The Good Old Cause
Filio Diamanti

Richard H. King, Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom
Peter Nesteruk

Mary Warnock, The Uses of Philosophy
Claude Pehrson

Jacques Le Goff, History and Memory
Peter Osborne

Frank Furedi, Mythical Past, Elusive Future
Gary Kitchen

Richard Rorty, The Linguistic Turn
Jonathan Rée

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