69 Reviews

Roy Bhaskar, Dialectic
Andrew Collier

Lutz Niethammer (in collaboration with Dirk Van Laak), Posthistoire
Joseph McCarney

Chantal Mouffe, The Return of the Political
Judith Squires

Genevieve Lloyd, Being in Time
Jean Grimshaw

Tzvetan Todorov, On Human Diversity
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

John Shotter, Cultural Politics of Everyday Life
David Glover

Judith Squires, ed., Principled Positions
Tim Jordan

Andrew Collier, Critical Realism
Gregory Elliott

Frederick C. Beiser, Enlightenment, Revolution and Romanticism
Katerina Deligiorgi

Phillip Hansen, Hannah Arendt
Andrew Hadfield

J. B. Pontalis, Love of Beginnings
David Macey

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