73 Reviews

Jacques Derrida, Specters of Marx
Terry Eagleton

Georges Bataille, The Absence of Myth: Writings on Surrealism
Michael Richardson, Georges Bataille
David Macey

Drucilla Cornell, Transformations
Jean Grimshaw

Steve Fuller, Rhetoric and the End of Knowledge
James Maffie

David Couzens Hoy and Thomas McCarthy Fuller, Critical Theory
Stephen Eric Bronner, Of Critical Theory and its Theorists
Nick Smith

Tom Furniss, Edmund Burke’s Aesthetic Ideology
Anthony Arblaster

Chris Rojek and Bryan S. Turner, eds., Forget Baudrillard?
Jean Baudrillard, Symbolic Exchange and Death
David Glover

Michael O. Hardimon, Hegel’s Social Philosophy
Tom Rockmore

Gregory McCulloch, Using Sartre
Max de Gaynesford

Alec McHoul and Wendy Grace, A Foucault Primer
Mitchell Dean, Critical and Effective Histories
Nicholas Gane

Regis Debray, Charles de Gaulle, Futurist of the Nation
Noel Parker

Simon Miller, ed., The Last Post: Music after Modernism
Kenneth Gloag

Richard Dienst, Still Life in Real Time: Theory after Television
Jane Chamberlain

Richard Lichtman, Essays in Critical Social Theory
David McLellan

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