76 Reviews

Louis-Jean Calvet, Roland Barthes: A Biography
David Macey

John E. Roemer, A Future for Socialism
John E. Roemer, Egalitarian Perspectives
Erik Olin Wright, Interrogating Inequality
Gregory Elliott

Ronald Dworkin, Life’s Dominion
Richard Norman

Lynne Segal, Straight Sex
Jean Grimshaw

Martin Jay, Downcast Eyes
John Armitage

Hilary Putnam, Words and Life
Max de Gaynesford

Alphonso Lingis, Foreign Bodies
Alphonso Lingis, The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common
Jane Chamberlain

Sebastian Gardner, Irrationality and the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis
David Archard

Raoul Vaneigem, The Movement of the Free Spirit
Keith Ansell-Pearson

Christopher Bertram and Andrew Chitty, eds., Has History Ended?
Chris Arthur

William Outhwaite, Habermas: A Critical Introduction
Nick Smith

Gregory Claeys, ed., Utopias of the British Enlightenment
Adolfo di Luca

Brice R. Wachterhauser, ed., Hermeneutics and Truth
Giuseppina D’Oro

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