97 Reviews

Edmond Wright and Elizabeth Wright, eds, The Žižek Reader
Ben Watson

Isaiah Berlin, The Roots of Romanticism
Andrew Bowie

Michael Ignatieff, Isaiah Berlin: A Life
Anthony Arblaster

Maria Pia Lara, Moral Textures: Feminist Narratives in the Public Sphere
Robin May Schott

Maurice Godelier, The Enigma of the Gift
Judith Still

Alessandra Tanesini, An Introduction to Feminist Epistemologies
Alison Ainley

Alessandro Ferrara, Reflective Authenticity: Rethinking the Project of Modernity
Elliot Jurist

Siegfried Kracauer, The Salaried Masses: Duty and Distraction in Weimar Germany
David Macey

Daniel W. Conway, Nietzsche and the Political
Daniel W. Conway, Nietzscheʼs Dangerous Game
Francesca Cauchi

Henry Tam, Communitarianism
Tony Skillen

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