RP 168

Article: Architectural DeleuzismNeoliberal space, control and the ‘univer-city’
Article: The gender apparatusTorture and national manhood in the US ‘war on terror’
Article: Demonomics

Leibniz and the antinomy of modern power

Reviews: 168 ReviewsBooks Reviewed:
Isabelle Stengers, Cosmopolitics I
Benjamin Noys, The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory
Peter Fenves, The Messianic Reduction: Walter Benjamin and the Shape of Time
Andrea Cavalletti, Classe
Gail Day, Dialectical Passions: Negation in Postwar Art Theory
David Toop, Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener
Andrew Finlay, Governing Ethnic Conflict: Consociation, Identity and the Price of Peace
Manuel De Landa, Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason
Bill Griffiths, Collected Earlier Poems (1966–1980)