144 Reviews

Eugene Thacker, Global Genome: Biotechnology, Politics, and Culture
Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, ed., Code: Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
James Tobias

Iain Hamilton Grant, Philosophies of Nature after Schelling
Dustin McWherter

Alberto Toscano, The Theatre of Production: Philosophy and Individuation between Kant and Deleuze
Iain Hamilton Grant

David Cunningham and Nigel Mapp, eds, Adorno and Literature
Matthew Beaumont

Eva Geulen, The End of Art: Readings in a Rumor after Hegel
Jarkko Toikkanen

Henri Lefebvre, Critique of Everyday Life, Volume III: From Modernity to Modernism (Towards a Metaphilosophy of Daily Life)
John Roberts, Philosophizing the Everyday: Revolutionary Praxis and the Fate of Cultural Theory
Gregory Seigworth

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