192 reviews

José Aricó, Marx and Latin America
Álvaro García Linera, Plebeian Power: Collective Action and Indigenous,
Working-Class and Popular Identities in Bolivia

John Kraniauskas

Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America:
The Art of Organizing Hope

Jeffery R. Webber

Michael Wayne, Red Kant: Aesthetics, Marxism and the Third Critique

Nickolas Lambrianou

Victoria Browne, Feminism, Time, and Non-Linear History

Victoria Horne

Frances Stracey, Constructed Situations: A New History of the Situationist International

Sam Cooper

Carl Cederström and André Spicer, The Wellness Syndrome

Gerald Moore

Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson, Border as Method, or, The Multiplication
of Labour

Paola Pasquali

Denis Guénoun, About Europe: Philosophical Hypotheses

Carrie Giunta

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