81 Reviews

István Mészáros, Beyond Capital
Chris Arthur

Keith Burgess-Jackson, Rape: A Philosophical Investigation
Sue Lees, Carnal Knowledge: Rape on Trial
David Archard

Morwenna Griffiths, Feminisms and the Self: The Web of Identity
Meena Dhanda

Alan D. Schrift, Nietzscheʼs French Legacy
David Macey

Chris Hables Gray, ed., The Cyborg Handbook
Judith Halberstam and Ira Livingston, eds, Posthuman Bodies
John Armitage

Cairns Craig, Out of History: Narrative Paradigms in Scottish and British Culture
Stephen Cowley

Adriana Cavarero, In Spite of Plato: A Feminist Rewriting of Ancient Philosophy
Stella Sandford

Bill Martin, Humanism and its Aftermath
Gideon Calder

Ulrich Beck, Ecological Politics in an Age of Risk
Ulrich Beck, Ecological Enlightenment
Matthew David and Iain Wilkinson

William E. Connolly, The Ethos of Pluralization
Chris Erickson

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