Appeasing the U.G.C.: The Threat to Philosophy at Bangor; ‘Glasnost’ in Soviet Philosophy?; Philosophy in Schools and Colleges; Philosophy and Medical Welfare; Interlink

by / RP 046 (Summer 1987) / News

International Philosophers for Peace; Cogito; Once More on ‘Realism and the Human Sciences’; Groupe D’Etudes Sartriennes; Deep Ecology

by / RP 045 (Spring 1987) / News

Caring for Philosophy?; Realism in the Human Sciences; P.L.A.T.O.

by / RP 044 (Autumn 1986) / News

Women’s Philosophy Network; Peace Research Forum; Royal Institute Lectures; Radical Philosophy Conference

by / RP 042 (Winter/Spring 1986) / News

British Society for the History of Philosophy; Philosophers for Peace; The Question of Postmodernity; Chomsky Smear Campaign; Tomin; Royal Institute Lectures

by / RP 041 (Autumn 1985) / News

American Philosophy: R.I.P.; Crossing the Channel; The Astrological Scene

by / RP 040 (Summer 1985) / News

Socialist Legality: Problems of Power; The Latter Days of Philosophy

by / RP 037 (Summer 1984) / News

Realism and the Philosophy of Science (Conference Report, Northern Association for Philosophy, Manchester Polytechnic, 25-26 February 1983); Confronting the Crisis: The Essex Sociology of Literature Conference; RP Day School on Ideology; Repression in Turkish Universities; Distribution, Disaster and the Economic Base

by / RP 036 (Spring 1984) / News

Report From Radical Readers; ‘A’ Level Philosophy

by / RP 035 (Autumn 1983) / News

Women’s Studies at the Open University; Australasian Committee on Women in Philosophy

by / RP 034 (Summer 1983) / News

RP day school on dialectic; Hegel conference; State of literary theory

by / RP 033 (Spring 1983) / News

French Socialism and Philosophy Since May 1981

by / RP 032 (Autumn 1982) / News

Women’s Studies Conference; RP Dayschool on Hegel, Marx; Derrida in Prison and Dialectic; A New Journal of Philosophy of Education

by / RP 031 (Summer 1982) / News

Oilman V. University of Maryland, ‘Praxis’ Professors, Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association Reinstated in Yugoslavia, Hegel Conference: 150 years of Hegel, Thesis Eleven – A New Journal, Jean-Paul Sartre Conference, The Death of Jacques Lacan, Day School on Utopianism

by / RP 030 (Spring 1982) / News

Co-ordinating Left-Wing Intellectuals, Education and Oppression, Canadian Philosophical, Letters Association Radical Philosophy Group, Day School, Literature Teaching Politics

by / RP 029 (Autumn 1981) / News

RP Dayschool, Scientists and Disarmament, Belgrade Maintains Intellectual Repression

by / RP 028 (Summer 1981) / News

The Cuts at NELP, Conference Against Biological Reductionism

by / RP 026 (Autumn 1980) / News

Biologism Day School, Theory and Practice in Educashun

by / RP 025 (Summer 1980) / News

Politics and the Production of Theoretical Journals

by / RP 024 (Spring 1980) / News

French Philosophers Fight Cuts

by / RP 023 (Winter 1979) / News